About us

TRANSAM-PRINTMAX has over twenty years of experience in the production of various types of covers made of PVC material. From car tarpaulins, through covers for boats, tents, awnings, to restaurant gardens, we are constantly expanding our offer. Tarpaulins are made of high-quality materials, domestic and foreign production. We adjust the appropriate colors of PVC fabrics in RAL shades and weights from 650g / m2-TRUCK, up to 900g / m2-PANAMA.

Recently, trying to keep up with the changing world, we have introduced pool roofs resistant to weather conditions and shopping bags made of waste and leftover materials that are left over from our services.

In addition to the production of new covers, we deal with various repairs of tarpaulins, inflatable slides, tents and other products made of PVC materials and various types of metal structures.

The Printmax advertising department uses a wide range of printing materials depending on the client’s requirements and the type of advertisement. Our offer includes all advertising facilities, from advertising gadgets, through banners, stands, roll-ups and other advertising media. One of our main graphic departments is wrapping cars with advertisements as well as overall car color changes.